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Affiliate Partnership

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How to Earn Money, Lending Money To Entrepreneurs Without Using Your Money

Do you know any Business Owners or Real Estate Investors? If not, would you like to know some? Find out how to help these entrepreneurs obtain loans & financing and get paid to do it. Nu Capital Funding takes care of our affiliates, provides higher commissions, lead generation advice and supplies an array of lending products that will fit the financial needs of your clients! From funding for businesses, to real estate acquirement and development. Our knowledge of the lending industry gives files a 90% approval rate, we will get it done!




Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Marketing Specialist


Equipment Vendors

Merchant Service Providers

Sales Representatives

Tax Prepares

Credit Repair Specialists

Insurance Agents


What Do I Do? How Do I Get Paid?

We help Businesses & Real Estate Investors obtain financing to grow and/or get by. We have a wide array of programs to help individuals with no credit, bad credit all the way up to perfect credit. What separates our Partner Program from the rest is the knowledge we pass on (lead generation, product knowledge…), higher commissions, renewals (your client pays for life-residual income) and we have many programs to get the job done. There are 2 different ways to get deals done with Nu Capital Funding, Referral & Broker.

Broker Partnership Program

Our Broker Partnership Program is for Organizations & Individuals that want to submit, get approvals and communicate with their client to get all documents and stipulations. This partnership works best for Loan Officers, Commercial Brokers and ISO’s. If reaching out to business owners and real estate investors is currently your daily grind, this program is best for you. Broker Partnership pays very high commissions and we respect the unspoken laws of brokers!

Referral Partnership Program

Our Referral Partnership Program is made for everyone! Imagine helping out a friend, a friend’s friend, family member, client or just anyone you know that requires our help. Send us their business name, their name, email and phone number and let us do all the work. After they are approved and financed, you will receive your Referral Commission within the week! This program also pays high commissions.

Free Training

We will also teach our affiliates the details on each product and how to generate their own leads